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HUMAN PREY - Tombs of the blind dead - ALBUM - Digital

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HUMAN PREY - Tombs of the blind dead - ALBUM

There are moments when the paths are set. As the songwriter Hansi Biebel sang on his self-titled album in 1979. Such a moment was also the starting signal for the songwriting of the Leipzig death metal sickos' third EP. What began as a groovy project in the vein of Suicide Silence took detours through blunt slam death and brutal death, culminating in the most brutal and raw album to date, "Grave Robbers from Outer Space."
In 2023, Human Prey has reached a new point in their career, expanding their spectrum with a dissonant undertone and a hefty dose of uncompromising brutality. "Tombs of the Blind Dead" is a musical homage to the horror film classic "La noche del terror ciego" from 1971, leading the band into entirely new realms. Knights Templar rising from their graves at night to drink the blood of innocent victims is still fascinating and, above all, cringe-worthy in 2023.
The production is modern and polished, not hiding behind giants like Aborted, Benighted, and Cytotoxin. "Tombs of the Blind Dead" is uncompromising and dark, and that's how it should be!