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DEVINE DEFILEMENT - S.C.U - 1st Single - Digital

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DEVINE DEFILEMENT - S.C.U - 1st Single - Digital

S.C.U is an anthem dedicated to the cult like following Devine Defilement has garnered through the years. S.C.U touches on many things, feeling left out, calling out people that want to take credit for our work, people assuming you got everything handed to you and a mix of anger and happiness. It’s a song about coming together and crowd kill shit talkers.

After operating independently for the past few years, and self-releasing an EP and a few singles, Devine Defilement is finally ready to take the band to the next level with the upcoming release of their sophomore album “Age of Atrocities”! The concept of “S.C.U” was among the first the band formulated for the upcoming album so it makes sense that the song will serve as the first single. It’s a hard-hitting and groovy track that was inspired by the fans and written for the fans.