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ACRID DEATH - Huntsmen - 1st Single - Digital

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ACRID DEATH - Huntsmen - 1st Single - Digital

“Huntsmen” takes you on a hellish ride through what is to be expected from the musical mix this 5-piece creates from their individual perspective on “modern” HM2 Death Metal.

Acrid Death was founded during the pandemic and followed a precise plan and style from the very beginning. To play HM2 Death Metal straight ahead. "Huntsmen" is the actual opener of the debut album and also shows directly where to go. Acrid Death takes no prisoners, but also no solos and unnecessary interludes, as Huntsmen makes clear to the listener.

Most Acrid Death songs follow a dual approach when it comes to a story and a message. Humanity’s arrogance, hubris and apparent indifference to consequences will be punished in one way or the other. Huntsmen symbolically hints at an utter annihilation that awaits us for it and imagines nameless protagonists being hunted, maimed and consumed by something. See if you can guess what was chosen to deal the damage in this Death Metal steamroller.